We’ve got FREE Scenic Ride MAPS for you!

Year-round riding weather here in Florida means the only question is, "Where do I find the best places to ride?". Answer, "Right here”.

We've accessed the map archives from Go For A Ride Magazine to show you some of the state's best back roads for motorcycles. We call them “Go For A Ride Classics”. Go FAR was one of Florida's most popular motorcycle magazines for many years and featured a scenic ride map as the centerfold for each issue.

The printed maps are in PDF file format and can be downloaded to your computer, tablet, or phone and viewed from the screen or printed out. Each one has the map graphic with the route outlined and includes turn by turn directions and mileage.

The digital maps are GPX files that can be downloaded and used with your GPS navigation devices. With so many navigation systems we can't guarantee the files will work perfectly with every system. For most, it's a matter of downloading the file from our website and then importing it into your GPS device or navigation system. Google maps will not give you turn-by-turn directions but you can import the map and view it. If you’re using a Harley-Davidson navigation system, you can import GPX files by going to the Harley-Davidson Ride Planner and selecting the “Download GPX link” within the Ride Edit or Preview. You then plug in a USB drive with the GPX file on it.

We’ve done our best to ensure the rides are accurate but if you find any errors, please let us know. Ride within your limits, wear your safety gear, and ride sober. 

Destination Conch Republic

Scenic Ride 40

The waterfront setting, the open-minded attitude, and the party mindset combine to make it an ideal destination when you're looking to kick back and relax.

Fernandina Amelia Island

Scenic Ride 39

There are few places in Florida that can match the historical legacy of the north eastern corner the state. This ride runs through the coastal marshlands, down the coastline, and along the St. Johns River.

Christmas Ride Part 2

Scenic Ride 38

The town of Christmas was founded as a U.S. Army fort on December 25, 1837 during the Second Seminole War. You'll also find the world's largest alligator shaped building here.

Ride Around The Big Water

Scenic Ride 37

Beachside just south of Fort Myers Beach at the entrance to Lovers Key State Park. The popular park is home to manatees, dolphins, and bald eagles.

Leesburg Bellview Loop

Scenic Ride 36

The countryside around Leesburg offers some great riding opportunities. The roads wind around the many waterways in this area give credence to the name "Lake County".

Easy As A-B-C

Scenic Ride 35

This ride begins in Archer, then meanders through Belleview before heading towards the Gulf and ending in Crystal River.

Clermont Cruise

Scenic Ride 34

Known as the "Gem of the Hills", Clermont is home to the Florida Citrus Tower, one of Florida's first tourist attractions, which was opened in 1956.

Cool Springs Ride

Scenic Ride 33

Summers are HOT in Florida but you can find some relief at two of Florida's cool natural springs. Rainbow Springs is the starting point on this route.

Lovely Scenic Ride

Scenic Ride 32

Beachside just south of Fort Myers Beach at the entrance to Lovers Key State Park. Home to manatees, dolphins, and bald eagles.

48 Miles Of Smiles

Scenic Ride 31

Draw a box on the map using US301, SR52, US41, and SR50 as the borders. Inside that box, you'll find some of Florida's most satisfying backroads.

Freebird Forever Loop

Scenic Ride 30

This ride bridges the gap between southern rock music and department stores.

Heartland Ride #2

Scenic Ride 29

The area northwest of Lake Okeechobee is known as Florida's Heartland.

Mt Dora to Zellwood Loop

Scenic Ride 28

Finding scenic rides near Orlando is a challenge with all of the tourist sprawl.

The A to Z Ride

Scenic Ride 27

Touring three central Florida counties, this ride takes you along parts of Florida's historic Cracker Trail.

Swapmeet Swamp

Scenic Ride 26

Central Florida has a lot to offer when it comes to riding.


Scenic Ride 25

When it was founded in 1837, the area was called Fort Christmas.

Goethe State Forest

Scenic Ride 24

The Goethe State Forest in Levy County was established in 1992.

Gainesville Loop

Scenic Ride 23

You don't have to be a Gator fan to enjoy this ride.

The Ormond Loop

Scenic Ride 22

The Ormond Loop, a National Scenic Byway, takes you on a tranquil ride through the Tomoka Basin.

Samsula Spin

Scenic Ride 21

This ride begins and ends at the famous Cabbage Patch in Samsula.


Scenic Ride 20

Starting in Sebring this ride winds through Highlands Hammock State Park.

Auburndale Loop

Scenic Ride 19

Auburndale was founded in 1880 by some northern folks seeking a warm winter refuge.

Manasota Coastal

Scenic Ride 18

The inspiration for this ride is the Lemon Bay/Myakka Scenic Highway route.

Haines City

Scenic Ride 17

Haines City's historic ride.

Marco Island

Scenic Ride 16

Heading through Naples on 1-75?

LAKE "O" East Side Ride

Scenic Ride 15

Good riding roads are rare to be found between the eastern shore of Lake Okeechobee and the Atlantic coast.

Leesburg Lakeside Loop

Scenic Ride 14

The Leesburg/Lake County area has some excellent riding roads.

Four Wonders of Florida

Scenic Ride 13

This ride takes you past some of the architectural wonders of central Florida.

Ocala Forest Roads

Scenic Ride 12

Want to get away from the crowds?

Leesburg Mountain Loop

Scenic Ride 11

Leesburg is located in one of the most scenic areas of the state.

Bone Valley Ride

Scenic Ride 10

Finding valleys in Florida is sort of liking searching for palm trees in Alaska.

Coastal Crusin'

Scenic Ride 09

Some of the best costal roads are found in an area known as the Nature Coast which stretches from Pasco to Wakulla counties along the Gulf Coast.

"O" What A Ride!

Scenic Ride 08

The Interstate highways will get you up and down the peninsular part of Florida quickly on either coast but the good riding is smack dab in the middle of the state.

Bridges of Tampa

Scenic Ride 07

We'll cross that bridge when we come to it and this ride has you crossing all five of Tampa Bay's bridges.

Strawberries and Spring Water

Scenic Ride 06

Follow this route from P-City to Z-hills and back again.

Meandering In Manatee

Scenic Ride 05

This ride starts in Apollo Beach and winds southward to Ellenton and back.

Backroads to Bok Tower

Scenic Ride 04

Webster is a great destination for the weekly flea market on Mondays or the pt Sunday monthly motorcycle swap meets.

Picasso Strawberry

Scenic Ride 03

If Pablo Picasso were to interpret Plant City's world famous  strawberry, the outline might resemble our map route.

Summer Splash Ride

Scenic Ride 02

This is a short, but very good, ride and can be considered a sampler for some of the many excellent riding roads found in Pasco and Hernando counties.

Backroads to Webster

Scenic Ride 01

Webster is a great destination for the weekly flea market on Mondays or the Sunday monthly motorcycle swap meets.

There are dozens of maps in the Go FAR archives and more will be added to the website so keep checking back or sign up for our maps.

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