We’ve got FREE Scenic Ride Maps for you!

Year-round riding weather here in Florida means the only question is, "Where do I find the best places to ride?". Answer, "Right here”.

We've accessed the map archives from Go For A Ride Magazine to show you some of the state's best back roads for motorcycles. We call them “Go For A Ride Classics”. Go FAR was one of Florida's most popular motorcycle magazines for many years and featured a scenic ride map as the centerfold for each issue.

The printed maps are in PDF file format and can be downloaded to your computer, tablet, or phone and viewed from the screen or printed out. Each one has the map graphic with the route outlined and includes turn by turn directions and mileage.

The digital maps are GPX files that can be downloaded and used with your GPS navigation devices. With so many navigation systems we can't guarantee the files will work perfectly with every system. For most, it's a matter of downloading the file from our website and then importing it into your GPS device or navigation system. Google maps will not give you turn-by-turn directions but you can import the map and view it. If you’re using a Harley-Davidson navigation system, you can import GPX files by going to the Harley-Davidson Ride Planner and selecting the “Download GPX link” within the Ride Edit or Preview. You then plug in a USB drive with the GPX file on it.

We’ve done our best to ensure the rides are accurate but if you find any errors, please let us know. Ride within your limits, wear your safety gear, and ride sober. 


Scenic Ride 27

Touring three central Florida counties, this ride takes you along parts of Florida's historic Cracker Trail. Start out in Arcadia, which was once a thriving gateway to the South Florida trading outposts.

The route heads westward skirting along the boundary for the Myakka River State Park. The roads are flat, with mostly straight stretches interrupted by a few gentle curves. SR 64 is considered part of the Florida Cracker Trail which recognizes the important roles the cattle and horse industry played in this area's development.

The leisurely ride winds up in Zolfo Springs which was named by a group of Italian pioneers in the early 1 B00's when they were dredging the Peace River and came upon a nearby spring which emitted a strong sulfur odor. Zolfo is Italian for sulfur.

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FMR Scenic Ride Map Genetics

By Mike Savidge

How many times have you heard someone say, “Florida doesn't have any good places for riding.”

They were wrong. Florida has a lot of great places for riding. You just have to know where they are. Showing you those places is one of the services we provide at FMR. We've put up more than three dozen FREE Scenic Ride Maps since the website launch and there are more to come. The maps reinforce our mission statement that motorcycle riding is good for you. (Check out our “Healthy Riding” category if you want proof.) Towards that end, we use the maps to help you find those elusive good places for riding in Florida.  

The maps all carry the “Go FAR Classic” logo indicating they were first published in Go For A Ride magazine. Go FAR was one of Florida's most popular motorcycle magazines and each issue had a Scenic Ride Map as the centerfold. The maps were the most popular feature in each issue. The maps had a layout of the route and turn by turn directions with the mileage. Riders and riding clubs collected them and some of the dealers even kept copies on hand for their customers. The maps are all drawn to scale and the differences in appearance are the result of having three different cartographers during Go FAR's nine-year run. Part-time map makers aren't easy to find.   

We've selected the best of the routes and updated them for the website. We've covered Florida's hills and dales from Miami to Jacksonville. The rides range in length from a quick 34-mile jaunt to a monthly swap meet to a 220-mile loop around Lake Okeechobee. Most are 40 to 80 miles long and the majority are loops which will give you a ride to remember and then bring you back to the starting point. Of course, you can always hop on the rides anywhere along the route or ride it in reverse if you'd like. 

Paper or plastic? Just like at the local market, we're able to give you a choice of map formats through the magic of the Internet. You can download a PDF file which can be printed out or stored and viewed on your smartphone. We also offer all of the maps in a GPX file that you can import into your GPS device or navigation system.  

Choose your ride and choose your format and we'll take you down some fantastic roads that will have you telling your friends, “You gotta come ride this road with us”.

There are dozens of maps in the Go FAR archives and more will be added to the website so keep checking back or sign up for our maps.

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