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10 Keys To Cool Riding

By Miller Langhorne


1. Start Hydrated and Stay Hydrated

Drink up before you start the ride, and take some water along with you. Alcohol and coffee will not hydrate your body, nor will sugary soft drinks.

2. Wear A Helmet

Helmets save lives at any temperature. A white or light-colored helmet with ventilation will be cooler than a black one. It will also protect the top of your head from sunburn.

3. The Proper Clothing

A good leather or mesh riding jacket will have vents to allow some airflow, and you’ll be thankful you wore it if you have a crash. The same goes for gloves. Evaporative cooling vests will help, and a cooling bandana around your neck can pack a lot of relief in a small package.  

4. Eye Protection

Florida law says you must wear eye protection, so get a good pair of impact-resistant sunglasses. They will protect your eyes from flying objects and road debris as well as shield them from harmful ultraviolet light.  

5. Ride When It's The Coolest

Early morning and a few hours before sunset will usually be the coolest times of the day.  

6. Windshields Are Cool

Along with deflecting road debris, a windscreen or fairing will divert the hot air around you, which will keep your body cooler on a very hot day.

7. Heat Shields
These are insulated leather panels that are installed to deflect engine heat away from your thighs.

8. Use Sunscreen On Exposed Skin
You should use it year-round in Florida and apply it to your face even if wearing a full helmet. Give it time to get absorbed into your skin. Skin cancer kills so keep as much skin covered as you can.

9. Watch For Symptoms Of Heat Exhaustion 

Be aware of how you and your riding partners are feeling. Watch for dizziness, headaches, heavy sweating, fast pulse, nausea, clammy skin, slurred speech, muscle cramps, or fainting. Heatstroke can kill.

10. Get Out Of The Heat

Take some breaks along your ride when you find a shady spot, or indulge in some air-conditioning.