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FMR Newsletter

Summer 2020

Welcome to our first quarterly newsletter. As promised, subscribers get exclusive content along with advanced access to our latest scenic ride maps. This is a work in progress and you can help us with your feedback. Let us know what you think and if there’s anything else you’d like to see included. 

The website traffic is growing and evidence that riders enjoy a changeup from the typical biker fare you find elsewhere. The focus is on the positive and healthy aspects of riding. And the way things have been going lately, we need all the positive and healthy we can get. We cover the basic rules of the road for riding in Florida along with a mix of topics that will appeal to a wide range of riders. Our philosophy is simple: Riding A Motorcycle Is Good For You. You only need to read our article, Motorcycles Are Good For You, to discover that motorcycle riding has benefits for the body and the mind.

We’re especially thankful to The Fran Haasch Law Group for their sponsorship. Fran has been one of the biggest supporters of the motorcycle community for many years and works non-stop supporting many charitable causes.  If you’re involved in a traffic accident, she’s the one to call. 

All the features and maps on our website are provided to you for FREE thanks to the support of our sponsors and we encourage you to support them. If you’ve got a business and want to reach the riding community, check out our rates. If you’re still spending big bucks in the print mags, why? It’s time to go digital. Your customers already have.

Again, we thank you for subscribing. Your email address will only be used for sending Newsletters and will not be used for any other marketing purposes nor will it be shared with anyone else. If you want to let us know more about you or your ride, drop us an email or check out our Facebook page. We’ve also got an Instagram account under construction and just about ready to roll out of the garage. 

 Enjoy your ride.