Simple rule to remember, racing is not allowed.

It's not allowed on any highways or roadways, and it's not even allowed in a parking lot. You can't be the driver, and you can't even be a willing passenger on a bike that's involved in a race. In fact, just being a spectator at a race can get you arrested.

Florida Statutes - FSS 316.191

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Move over law

  • FL Laws Article Title: Move Over Law

Move Over For Emergency Vehicles

Get out of the way!

That's the simplest way to summarize what is called Florida's Mover Over Law. Florida State Statute 316.126 instructs all motorists, and pedestrians, on what to do when an emergency vehicle is approaching them or if they're passing one on the roadside. The intent is to give first responders the widest and safest path possible when they're responding to a call.

The rules only apply to emergency vehicles which are displaying visible or audible sounds such as flashing lights or a siren which indicate they're on an emergency run. Other drivers should yield the right of way by pulling your vehicle to the side of the roadway until the emergency vehicle has passed.

If you're passing an emergency vehicle, that is along the side of the road and has the lights flashing, you have two options. If you're on a road with multiple lanes going in your direction you should get out of the lane closest to the emergency vehicle if it's safe to do so.  If it's not safe to move over a lane, you should slow down to a speed that is 20 miles per hour less than the posted speed limit.

Furthermore, the law applies to some vehicles beyond just law enforcement and first responders.  Utility company trucks, wreckers, and even sanitation trucks are covered under this law.

Violations can result in fines and court fees and may add 3 points to your license.

Florida Statutes - F.S.S. 316-126

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Motorcycle Lighting

Motorcycle Lighting

Why does your motorcycle have a headlight with a high beam and a low beam setting? Because Florida law says it must. It also says that the low beam setting should reveal persons and vehicles at a distance of at least 150 feet in front of you. The high beam setting should give you at least 300 feet of forward visibility. They would also prefer that you not shine your high beams into the eyes of oncoming motorists.
Headlights should be turned on at all times when riding, day or night. Modulating headlights are allowed during the hours between sunrise and sunset.

Florida Statutes - FSS 316.430

Florida Statutes - FSS 316.405

Every motorcycle must have at least one taillamp at least 20 inches, but not more than 72 inches, from the ground. There also needs to be a white light which will illuminate the license plate. Both of these lights should work in conjunction with the front headlight.

Florida Statutes - FSS 316.410

Every motorcycle must have at least one red reflector on the rear, either as part of the taillamp or separately.

Florida Statutes - FSS 316-415


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Licensing & Training

Licensing & Training

It's estimated that 25% of the motorcycle riders in Florida are unlicensed.

Since July 1, 2008 motorcyclists have been required to take and pass a Basic Rider Course before getting a “Motorcycle Only” license or have the Motorcycle Endorsement added to their drivers license.

If you're applying for a motorcycle license for the first time, you must first successfully complete a motorcycle education course. The courses include a minimum of 12 hours of instruction with at least 6 hours of actual motorcycle operation. Approved safety courses are offered by a variety of sources, including some motorcycle dealerships. Fees may vary.

If you're moving here from another state and have a valid motorcycle endorsement on your license, Florida will waive the motorcycle course requirement. However, Alabama licenses will only be reciprocated if proof of a Rider Course is presented with it.

Florida Statutes - FSS 322.0255

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