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Motorcycle Lighting

Why does your motorcycle have a headlight with a high beam and a low beam setting? Because Florida law says it must. It also says that the low beam setting should reveal persons and vehicles at a distance of at least 150 feet in front of you. The high beam setting should give you at least 300 feet of forward visibility. They would also prefer that you not shine your high beams into the eyes of oncoming motorists.
Headlights should be turned on at all times when riding, day or night. Modulating headlights are allowed during the hours between sunrise and sunset.

Florida Statutes - FSS 316.430

Florida Statutes - FSS 316.405

Every motorcycle must have at least one taillamp at least 20 inches, but not more than 72 inches, from the ground. There also needs to be a white light which will illuminate the license plate. Both of these lights should work in conjunction with the front headlight.

Florida Statutes - FSS 316.410

Every motorcycle must have at least one red reflector on the rear, either as part of the taillamp or separately.

Florida Statutes - FSS 316-415