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Licensing & Training

It's estimated that 25% of the motorcycle riders in Florida are unlicensed.

Since July 1, 2008 motorcyclists have been required to take and pass a Basic Rider Course before getting a “Motorcycle Only” license or have the Motorcycle Endorsement added to their drivers license.

If you're applying for a motorcycle license for the first time, you must first successfully complete a motorcycle education course. The courses include a minimum of 12 hours of instruction with at least 6 hours of actual motorcycle operation. Approved safety courses are offered by a variety of sources, including some motorcycle dealerships. Fees may vary.

If you're moving here from another state and have a valid motorcycle endorsement on your license, Florida will waive the motorcycle course requirement. However, Alabama licenses will only be reciprocated if proof of a Rider Course is presented with it.

Florida Statutes - FSS 322.0255